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Bad tech habits you need to break now

You use the technology equipment daily. So you have a lot habit of using them. In it there are many bad habits should be break right now:

Using one password for many different sites
Currently, each individual has so many websites or favorite apps need a password to login. Unfortunately, the greater the number of sites, the passwords remembered as a punishment for you. To simplify this, many users use one password for all the sites they visited. This could lead to serious consequences. If you visit a website has been hacked, you lose the password in this site, and also you lose password for other websites. Too bad if those sites have your personal information such as phone number, address and even bank account information of you.

Continuous use of technological equipment
The use of continuous technological equipment without proper rest time will make you suffer quite a lot of annoyance. The disease of the eyes, joints, or tension will make your health worse.

Incorrect posture while using the computer
When using computers, especially to work, you need to use them for long periods. If your posture is not correct, you will encounter serious problems. Wrong sitting posture, and no reasonable respite directly related to eye diseases, diseases of the spine, bone and joint disease or cardiovascular disease ... We recommend that you have the time to stand up , ignoring the technology equipment and entertainment after about 1 hour work.

Using technological devices when hands dirty
You use technological equipment constantly, wherever you are. If you use them when your hands are not clean, the dangerous disease will have developed and infect to you.

Do not clean equipment regularly technologies
The computer, or your phone will stick dirt after a period of use. It is an environment for bacteria to grow. The scientists said that your computer keyboard has numbers of pathogenic bacteria more than toilet. And if you do not your sanitary facilities frequently, the dangerous disease will infect to you.

Using technological devices while eating
Eating and using the phone, computer, or watching television same time are extremely bad habits. Whether you clean the device periodically, they still may contain pathogenic bacteria, if you use these devices when you're eating, the bacteria can be transmitted through your hands, stick to the formula eat and infect you. Also, when you eat and use of technological devices same time, you will lose focus to eating, your stomach will not perform well, you will chew less, which leads to diseases of the digestive stomach ...

No backup data
Computer, your phone may be damaged and can not recover the data, or worse case you lose it or it is stolen. Then all their data may be lost, the data such as photos or work documents .. So experts always recommend the technology to back up data regularly. There are plenty of tools to support data backup.

Eat and use mobile

The removal of this bad habit help you a lot in your wellness and ensure you do not encounter problems when using technology equipment. Use different passwords for each site, especially the site that contains your important information. Always keep hands and your equipment clean, clean them periodically. Regularly backing up your data. And not used them continuously for a long time, take a reasonable respite, should leave the technology equipment when you rest, eat or amusement ...