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How is water important to your life?

As you know, water is an indispensable element for life on earth, human is not an exception. You can live without food for long periods, but without water, you will be defeated quickly. 


If overwork under the hot sun you may be dead within a few hours if not timely rehydration. The human body is like a sponge block, in men, water accounting for 64% of body weight, while in women is 70%. And clean water nourish the human body. 

Water helps operate the circulatory system, excretory system, lubricate the joints ... You can not live without water in your body. Over time, you gradual loss a amount of water in your body, so you need to supplement water daily. Scientists recommends: men should drink about 3.7 liters of water per day while this figure was 2.7 liters in women, but it including water from all the foods and beverages you loaded body. You can balance the addition of water, depending on your mode of living.

water from food
A simple way to control your level of dehydration is consider the color of your urine. The colour of urine as dark , dehydration levels as much. Drinking enough water helps your urine has a paler. If colour of urine your urine have white, maybe you've loaded a sufficient amount of water that your body needs.