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If aliens are here on Earth right now, where can they be?

If there are aliens on Earth, where can they be located?

Aliens or unidentifiable flying objects (UFOs) always give mankind inspiration and make us fear. Not only now, in ancient times, many ancient civilizations left ancient artifacts depicting descriptive details like aliens or their machines. The narratives of encounters between humans and UFOs are also increasing, and appear in many different countries.

So. If the suspicion that aliens have been on Earth for a long time is right. What if they are living on earth now? Are they still here, living with us, but human technology is not enough to detect them?


Where is the place on earth that they may be residing:

This is the most ideal place for aliens to reside. The earth is not completely solid, it contains a lot of hollow structures (caves, underground rivers) ... With advanced science and technology, aliens can travel over many light years to reach Earth, they can create a perfect place to live underground too. Away from the tracking of mankind.

Under the ocean:
Just like underground, the seafloor of the earth is a vast place where people are not able to fully explored. Aliens can create secret bases and live in places with complex terrains on the ocean floor, where humans have never been. Or simply, They are species that can live in water naturally.

At Antarctica:
More than once, alien hunters try to provide evidence of the presence of space ships on the surface of the pole. Antarctica is home to the harshest climate in the world, with few people able to set foot here. Aliens can set up their bases in Antarctica, below the ice.

Near you:
This sounds absurd, however, with technical superiority to humans. It is entirely possible that aliens have techniques to help hide or change their human-like shape to penetrate and live with us.

In your body:
This is the worst hypothesis that humans can think of. Many fiction films have mentioned the same possibilities. This can happen if they (aliens) are parasites species, or their body very small. They parasitize in your body to live and control the host.

Although these are just hypotheses, it is quite possible. At present, the technical ability of man is not enough to find the truth. How likely do you think it is? Or all the possibilities that we say above are happening right now and right here, on Earth.