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People want to sleep more in winter

Sleep is very important for human health. A sleep don't have good quality that will make you tired all day, and can make you sick. Sleeping too much or too little are not good for your body. We often want to sleep more in winter, especially on days of overcast weather. What are reasons to change your sleeping habits ?

Here, we will outline some of the reasons that we believe that anyone can go through:

Lack of natural light
Winter is a season with less light from the sun. Due to cold weather so people often stay indoors and less go out. For the reasons above, so in the winter we are less exposed to natural light. When less exposed to light from the sun, our bodies have special mechanisms to recognize. The body releases melatonin, a hormones work notice that is time to bedtime. So you always feel sleepy. 
In winter, the sun set soon and you stay indoors for a long time made your body releasing melatonin earlier, your body does not distinguish between day and night make your sleep disorder. Also your emotions often go down in winter, you may be depressed. To mitigate this situation, you should increase exposure to natural light by walking outdoors when weather permits.

Winter has many vacations, and recreational activities, so you can quickly get tired and sleepy. During the vacation you always have psychological breather after a period of stress with works, more sleep is the choice of many people. When you sleep too much, your body more tired and you want to sleep more. You should end this situation by sleep and wake up on time to your vacations.

Weather too cold New Year is also a cause. When the outside air temperature low, your body must liberate more energy to keep the temperature equilibrium. Energy consumption was much, your body tends to asleep than to limit the energy consumed. This is also the reason why you hungry faster and eat more in the winter. To fix that you keep your body warm, eat more and enhanced mobility.

In short, sleep too much or sleep too little is bad for your body. Scientists say that sleeping too much increases the risk of serious disease such as obesity, cardiovascular disease ... The more you sleep a lot when you wake up more tired body. You should sleep between 20-30 minutes at noon and 6-8 hours in the evening. Improve the quality of your sleep by not watching television or phone before sleeping ...You should exercise more, trying to make the sleep and wake up on time. Go places with more sunlight when the weather allows and join the outdoor activities.