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Processed meats like Hot dogs are capable to cause cancer in humans

Currently, cancer is a disease leading fatal in humans. It occurs in all countries of the world, irrespective of ethnicity or religion.
There are over 100 different types of cancer in humans. There are millions of people die each year of diseases. The number of people dying from cancer increases every year, especially in countries with underdeveloped health care system, environmental pollution.
Scientists worldwide are efforts to find the causes of cancer and how to prevent and cure them.

The cells in the body are programmed to be born and die after one period, the new cells will replace. Cancer occurs when a cell born but do not die as programmers, they reproduce indefinitely and produce tumors. Today people still have not found a drug or treatment method to cure cancer. However, the causes of cancers are gradually being discovered. Causes of cancer can come from structural cells in your body, or the environment in which you live, or from the your eating habits.

Hot dogs

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched the main reason that causes cancers. In addition to the cause has long been known as tobacco smoke, secondhand smoke, alcohol, asbestos and a arsenic...
WHO also said that processed meat as Hot dogs, bacon, ham ... are causes cancers in human. WHO has classified that meat processed into list top causes of cancers in human, par with cigarette smoke, alcohol, a-asbestos. Cause of cancer is not in the meat, which is located in the preservatives are included in the processing.
They also concluded the fresh red meat such as beef, pork, lamb is carcinogen (but smaller than the processed meat).

Meat red

According to experts, the substances are added during processing the meat such as preservatives are the cause of cancers.
Just 50g of processed meat a day, less than a Hot dogs will make colon cancer risk increased by 18%.
Diet is really important in preventing cancers. These conclusions do not mean that you should stop using the food as: processed meat or meat red, but if you are using too much above foods, you should limit down. Strengthening eat vegetables and fish, limit intake of fried foods is one advice for you.

The researchers recommend that the best way to prevent cancer is to improve the living environment, lifestyle and your eating habits. Limit your intake of meat and junk food, not eat too sweet or too salty. You need strengthening eat vegetables and fish. Keep away from sources of air, water or land that has been contaminated.