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Reduce toothache in your home without medication

With four simple steps, you can escape your tooth pain, before you going to meet doctor:

Step 1: Brushing and flossing to clean leftovers still stuck in your teeth. Then rinse your mouth with salt water to antimicrobial. Keep your teeth clean until you meet the dentist.

tooth pain

Step 2: Gargling with warm salt water every hour and hold it for 30 seconds to salt water exposure everywhere of the oral cavity.

Step 3: Dip a cotton ball in clove oil and put it in position gums, tooth decay. Such oils have a effect reduced tooth pain temporary. However, You remember to replace the cotton ball every hour to ensure effective and keep hygiene.

Step 4: You should spend 20 minutes to use ice packs wrapped in a damp cloth. Ice water can cooling, anti-inflammatory and reduce pain immediately.

Of course this ways are only temporary, if you have a toothache you should rapidly to meet the dentist and solve the root of problem.