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Removing phlegm quickly by the natural way, no need to medication use

Phlegm in your throat makes you extremely uncomfortable, especially when accompanied by a cough expectorant. Of course, you want to eliminate them quickly, but many people prefer the natural way rather than constantly antibiotics.

Lemon salt:
Lemon salt is valuable medicine for people who are coughing and phlegm in the throat. The evening before bed, you only need to indicate a crushed lemon salt, swallowed slowly until the end, then go to sleep, wakes up you will see its miraculous effects.
Gargle with salt water mix lemon is also reducing cough, throat pain effectively.

Warm water:
Early morning drink warm water is also effective. Early morning waking up you feel your throat is blocked, said soundless, you gargle with salt water and then drink warm water. Warm water works to dilute sputum, throat soothing. You will find much more pleasant.

Use honey, ginger, cranberry to treat sputum rules:

Lemon honey
Ginger brought sliced, steamed together honey and blueberries switch. Each time reheat 1-2 tablespoons to drink in the morning and evening. You'll see efficacy of this.
You should be prevented by keeping the body warm and to see a doctor as soon as possible.