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Thailand tourism: Foods, drinks and other interesting things.

Thailand is a great destination in Asia for you and your family.
As a country with interesting culture, friendly people, amazing foods variety, stunning beaches ... And there are many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Thailand is a tropical country, tourist paradise with many delicious dishes. Do not be too worried about visiting Thailand in the hot season because the country has so many delicious dishes and cheap await you!

For us, the most interesting thing in Thailand is the great food of the people in this country. As a country located in the tropics so their dishes are excellent and different from our foods. This are some dishes that we consider to be most delicious:

1 - "Coconut cream":

The cream is put in half a coconut, with more peanuts, and some dried fruits. Cream made from coconut milk, so delicious.Coconut cream

2 - "Grilled coconut"

Coconuts are stripped bark and charcoal grill in a certain time, inside of the coconut milk condensed, more sweet with coconut milk. Then you put the coconut to refrigerator, wait a few minute to cool and enjoy.

Grilled coconut

3 - Thai Pearl Milk Tea

This is a popular drinks and is preferred in Thailand. It has aroma of herbs and milk. This is beverage you should drink most when you come here

Milk tea

In addition to the delicious dishes you can also find an interesting culture with temples, festivals and locations of cities royal ... Our favorite cities are Bang kok, Chiang Mai , Pattaya ... Every city has cultural and fun destination in itself. We hope there will be trips to other cities of Thailand. We hope you'll have time to visit this beautiful country as we do. We will be back here many times.