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The origin of dogs and their special relationship with humans.

Dogs are one of the most diverse animal species, there are thousands of different species of dog in the world. As animal species closest to humans, but their origin is the big question.

Dogs are derived from wolves after tamed by human. However, this evolution took place in the area in and when, no one can be sure. New research by scientists from Cornell University that purebred dogs first in Central Asia. However, some other scientists say that: dogs may have evolved from other regions such as the Middle East, Europe and was put into Central Asia.
Although there are different opinions in the first place the dogs appear, but the scientists are recognizing that dogs evolved from wolves after tamed by human. It began when wolves go to hunt with humans. Initially, wolves earn competing for food with humans, but gradually, they eat the leftovers of people, then they accept live with human to be feeding and hunting with human. Over many generations, this wolf species gradually have genetic variations and shapes to evolve into today's dogs.

Cute dog

The relationship about emotions of human and dogs much larger than other species. This relationship is built through thousands of years of evolution. According to scientists, this relationship is similar to the relationship between the members of family. Dogs loyal with owners are always honored, in many local in the world, dogs are also worshiped in the temples.
 Eyes across the dogs and their owners can lead to emotional relationships in particular, this is absolutely not in wolves. Love between dogs and humans can be formed during the remaining carers dogs as pets indoors.