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The tree only grows on land with diamond

Currently, scientific and technical level has grown at a high level. Man has set foot outside the universe, found planets may have life, preparing to set foot on other planets in our solar system ... However, the planet earth we still a lot of interesting things that people have not explored before.
Diamonds is the extremely high value to humans. People find the diamond mines and exploit them. There are many ways to find mines containing rare substances. US scientists have discovered a species that have trait extremely interesting. It is just sprout, grow on lands that contain diamonds.

Its scientific name is 'Pandanus candelabrum'

Pandanus candelabrum

(Pandanus candelabrum)

They have a similar shape of palm species and very diverse size, 1 to 20 meters high. Stephen Haggerty, a mineralogist at Florida International University in Miami tell that they just grow on soils contain kimberlite. This type of volcanic rock in the earth's crust and is the source of the diamond mining. Where there kimberlite, where may there diamonds.
Humans have long used plants to determine the metal mine, but this is the first time found tree species help determine kimberlite. Now, we clearly see, our earth is still very much to people discover. Plants, animals, or microorganisms can bring interesting discoveries. More and more exploring and using the characteristics of animals or plants to scientific research. Now, human can predict the weather, earthquakes, natural disasters by considering the expression of some animals, find mineral deposits with plants, treatment with natural remedies ....

The finding of this plant is an interesting discovery. If you go to Africa and see this plant growing somewhere, then most likely you have found a diamond mine.