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Things that you may not know about the pangolin scales can bulletproof

Pangolins are the only mammals in the world with scaly armor around the body. However, after more than 80 million years of evolution, they are in danger of extinction because of illegal hunting.


Pangolin species live mainly in Africa and South Asia. There currently are 8 species of pangolin in the world, have species burrowing to live ,other species can lived on the tree . Pangolins food is insects like termites, ants ...


Pangolin has scales surrounding body except the abdomen. Scales are very hard, according to the latest research by the scientists, they can withstand bullets, and can be used to develop a new generation of body armor. They can resist the attack by nails or claws of all species as lions or tigers. When attacked Pangolin often curled as a ball


This ability helps them survive when large mammals attack. But forcing the smugglers easily catch them. Pangolin meat and scales of them are very popular in China and some countries in South Asia, they believe that pangolin meat and scales of them can heal and anesthesia. Pangolin smuggling has become alarming. Pangolin is one of the animal species most smuggled in Asian.

If we do not take measures to prevent smuggling, eat meat, use leather or scales of wildlife species, day extinction of animals such as pangolins are very close. Our children will not be seeing them again.