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Why do people travel?

Personally I see tourism as an integral part of my life. For me, traveling or simply walk around important as food or water, I can not just live in my city. Why am I seeing this?

why do people travel
I travel to meet people
Life always is movement, you can choose to sit in your office with a computer and drink a cup of coffee, your life goes on like that. Or you can also choose to stand up, go and travel to different areas to meet people, people that you do not know, but they are willing to help you when you need, or they always send to you a smile when they meet you. You can choose, and believe me, no one has the right to an assessment of your choice, no choice is bad. However, if you choose to get up and go out, go to the farthest place you can go, you will see the movement of life, that you are part.

To see new things
A mountain or a river that you looked through television or computer screen is different when you stand in front of it. Believe me, all places in the world have their own beauty. I wish I could go to all places, but could not. So I always respect and try to discover all special things of places that I went. Not only people there were special, their culture is what made me fascinated. These temples, festivals or architecture is amazing things. Some countries are endowed by nature, they have the beachs, the mountains or caves ... can make you vibrate with the first sight ...

To try the delicacies
Very interesting when you eat or drink something that you've never seen. Food and drinks also contain culture of each place. So if you can, you should to taste the typical dishes at your destination. With me, foods or drinks very important when i travel to some where. They are things that i want to try first.

To try new things and learn
At every destination on Earth has its own attractions. Adventure Sports, eating a strange food, swimming alone in a sea area, climb to the top of a mountain, learn a new language ... You can do all these things while traveling rather need to see what others do it on TV.

To relax
I do not give up all the work to spend the entire time to travel. Maybe I can not do it and did not encourage you to do so. You only need to go as much as possible. Try to take the time to look at life. Let's go if work make you tired, or when you are too tense ... Keep comfort in your mind always is best way to live happy.

Discover new things, to see firsthand and do things you've never done in my life, knowing you are a part of the world is doing things I can not stop traveling, and you? You are ready to travel more, right now.